Jennifer Forssander Psychotherapy

How do I work?

Textures of tree bark by Jennifer Forssander Psychotherapy Photo by PJ Clark copyright ©

I aim to meet each person with an open heart and mind. I offer a safe, confidential, and containing environment in which I listen to whatever you may wish to bring.

Whether we agree to meet for short or longer term work, I see the therapeutic endeavour as one that engages both of us (three of us, in the case of couples) as equal partners in a dialogue. To begin with at least, our work will involve processing and trying to make sense of whatever painful or thorny issues you may bring.

As well as being interested in your life story, and the relationships that inform it, I’m interested in your feelings, your physical symptoms, your dreams, fantasies, wishes and thoughts.

While short term work tends to focus on one, possibly two, central issues, longer term work enables us to look at whatever is preventing you from living a fulfilling and authentic life.

Although the ideas of many analytic practitioners inform my work, I prefer to be in the moment and to take my lead from whatever you present.

When you first contact me, I usually suggest we arrange an initial meeting. This meeting usually lasts an hour and a quarter, which gives us time to get a sense of one another, and to decide if we wish to take the work further. I generally charge more for the initial consultation than I do for subsequent sessions, which are 50 minutes long.

Other practical arrangements, such as when, and how often we meet, and how much I charge, are usually discussed during that meeting.